It's not a boat. But it could be love.


Twenty-two-year-old Emmie Lui intends to marry her American boyfriend, but her Chinese parents think otherwise and send her halfway around the world to attend Loveboat: a Chinese language program in Taiwan renowned for its matchmaking. 

Upon her arrival, Emmie fails her Chinese language exam and finds her dreaded expectations confirmed: she is now trapped, for six weeks, with hundreds of Chinese American jocks and princesses vying for each other's attention. But when Emmie finds herself under the intense and persistent gaze of Lucas, an achingly beautiful attendee at the center of everyone's attention, she discovers a man of astonishing sensitivity - and her curiosity for him blooms, jeopardizing her relationship at home.

As Emmie struggles to resist her deepening affection for Lucas, she befriends a pack of irreverent, foul-mouthed companions who challenge her cultural insecurities and long-held grudges. These new friends help Emmie piece together the fragmented parts of her American upbringing and Chinese heritage, as well as navigate matters of the heart, all while drinking snake's blood, feasting in night markets, and roaming the brutally humid landscape of Taiwan. 

Deeply attached to this new world and the people in it, Emmie must face reality as summer fades, and come to terms with leaving those who have transformed her.